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Wireless UHF Audio transmitter and Receiver(F908B)
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Wireless UHF Audio transmitter and Receiver(F908B)
Model ST-F908B stock: 1000 pcs
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Micro wirelss audio transmitter ,proffessional voice of the collection.It is constituted by the transmitter and receiver.This product can be collected by lauching wirelesss voice singal.Reaching 100-300 meters,evern in the other place,but also you can know the voice of the scene.Besides, it can also take audio,u can record the scene,and read it at any time.


    * Long distance bug
    * HD Sound
    * Voice recording
    * Built-in external audio
    * Transmitter Weight: 22g
    * Receiver Weight: 96g
    * Rate: 44kbps
    * Audio size: 4
    * Channel: 1 Mono
    * Audio level: 11khz
    * Audio form: IMA ADPCM
    * Memory: support 2GB Card (do not include)
    * Need card reader to read memory card

Package Contents:

    * Transmitter x1
    * Receiver x1
    * Earphone x1
    * Battery 9Vx1
    * User manual x1

Warranty information

12 months

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Address:Minzhi, LongHua Town, Bao'an district, Shenzhen City, China