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WCDMA 3G Video Server/Box(GC07)
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WCDMA 3G Video Server/Box(GC07)
Model ST-GC07 stock: 1000 pcs
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With this high-tech wireless equipment, you can detect anywhere at anytime by dialing video calls with 3G mobile phone. The 3G video box can be widely used in house, school, shop, moving cars, trains or take care of elders and children as long as WCDMA network is available.
Modern design 3G video box matches excellent 300,000 pixel camera with night vision function. With the built-in high-light infrared LED, the camera can shoot clear film even in darkness.All services and functions needs to be supported by the network and USIM card. Detailed operation and product functions, please refer to this brochure.


■The product complies with the relevant European standards about electromagnetic compatibility. However, please keep away from electronic equipment which is likely to interfere by the wireless signal,to avoid the signal interruption.
Switch off this product in any area marked "Explosive", "might explode", "closed wireless transceiver devices" etc.
Do not dispose the product in a fire; otherwise, it may cause the battery explosion.
Only use the power adaptor approved by the product manufacturer.The use of any other types may damage the product Keep the product and the accessories out of the reach of children.


􀁺 This product uses USIM card, supporting WCDMA 3G
􀁺 Real-time video and audio surveillance: by your 3G
phone, you can see area anytime and anywhere through
3G video call.
􀁺 Video and Audio in.
􀁺 You can send SMS to control the camera remotely.
􀁺 Max 5 users and 2 alarm receivers supported
􀁺 Two ways in for alarm signal
􀁺 1 way out for alarm signal
􀁺 Camera motion detection
􀁺 Alarm message
􀁺 Picture,video call files can be saved in SD card
􀁺 Built-in Lithium battery: Rechargeable battery ensuring
operation in case of external power failure
􀁺 Application: taking care of the elders and children, in
house, school, monitoring shop, bus, ship, and train etc.


1、 You need to prepare a WCDMA USIM card for the box which has
3G video call, voice call, SMS, income number displaying functions
2、 No PIN, pass code, etc for the USIM.
3、 A WCDMA phone.
4、 Please remember the user’s password of the camera. And do not
tell others.

Package Included

3G Video Box x1
Power Adapterx1
User Manual x1

Warranty Information

12 Months

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