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HD Mini WIFI Camera with 940m IR(L21)
Bulb CCTV Spy camera IR Night Vision(TB7)
720P Bulb CCTV Security Light Camera(HC34)
H.264 720P Bulb CCTV IR Camera(HC33)
Panda Video recorder CCTV Camera(HC31)
Full HD 1080P LED Light Spy camera(HC30)
China wholesale Spy electronics ->  Spy Camera->Home Security Camera-> 720P Bulb CCTV Security Light Camera(HC34)  
720P Bulb CCTV Security Light Camera(HC34)
Model ST-HC34 stock: 1000 pcs
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Operation Steps:

① Take out the TF card from the camera.

② Use a suitable card reader to connect the TF card to a computer.

③ The computer will detect the TF card as a mobile HDD.

④ Access the mobile HDD in the path of“DCIM -> 100DSCIM” .

⑤ All videos recorded by the camera will be stored in the above path, and could be played by a video player application.

Indicator Statements

1. If the blue indicator flashes at regular intervals, it means that the camera is recording videos.

2. If the blue indicator flashes twice and then goes out, it means that the camera enters into the indicator free mode.

3.If the blue and red indicators stay lit together, it means that the camera is in the standby mode( and there is a TF card in the camera).

4. If the red indicator stays lit while the blue indicator goes out, it means that there is no TF card in the camera or the card doesn’t work. .

Surveillance Software(Function/parameter Adjustment)

The product could be set using the software contained in the accompanying CD according to user required functions/parameters:

Selectable and Settable Parameters:

Video Resolution 1280x720P(HD) / 640*480(VGA);

Motion Detecting Function(ON/OFF);

Date and Time Watermark(Yes/No);

Cyclic Storage(ON/OFF);

Working Indicator(ON/OFF);


Self-setting Video Time and Time Synchronization with Computer.

Factory Setting(Default Parameters)


Factory Defaults

Video Format

AVI (H.264)

under Real-time Video Mode

Real-time Video: a file (HD 1280*720P)saved every 10 minutes/ a file(VGA 640*480)saved every 30 minutes

File Save Setting under Motion Detecting Mode

Motion Detecting Video: a file(HD 1280*720P)saved every 2 minutes/ a file(VGA 640*480)saved every 5 minutes

Video Mode

Real-time Video(factory default)/Motion Detecting(settable)


HD 1280*720P(factory default)/VGA 640*480(settable)

With/without Sound

Yes(factory default)/No(settable)

Indicator State

ON(factory default)/OFF(settable)

Cyclic Storage

Yes(factory default)/ No(settable)

Time Watermark in Video

Yes(factory default)/ No(settable)

Technical Parameters


HD 720P IR Camera (Bulb Type Camera)

Encoding Mode

H.264 (standard H.264video compression technology)

Image Sensor

1/4 CMOS Sensor

Camera Pixels

5 Million Pixel HD Camera



Camera Visual Angle


Video Resolution

1280*720P(HD)/VGA 640*480(VGA)

Image Resolution



built-in (Synchronized Recording of Audio and Video Signals)

Memory Card

Micro-SD Card (TF Card) 2GB-32GB. Good branded speed memory cards are recommended

Memory Consumption

The 4GB storage space could support video recording(VGA Format) for 20 hours at most.

The Memory Consumption varies along with the parameter setting/shooting environment.

Video Play

Mainstream media playing applications,player software in the accompanying CD.

Infrared Lamp

Third Generation IR Array Lamps (850nm ) / IR LED lights

White Light Lamp

3W White Light Flood Lamp

Night Visual Range


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