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Super slim 6mm Power bank camera(A13)
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1080P Nohole Power Bank Spy Camera With LCD(L8)
China wholesale Spy electronics ->  Spy Camera->Power Bank Spy Camera-> 1080P Nohole Power Bank Spy Camera With LCD(L8)  
1080P Nohole Power Bank Spy Camera With LCD(L8)
Model ST-L8 stock: 1000 pcs
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1920X1080P no hole Mobile Power bank spy Camera HD 1080P video mobile power camera

This product is the first configuration of 2 inch LCD screen mobile power camera. The product can boot into the camera, the camera screen can be a key, a key to open the night shooting, shooting video file playback directly on the screen. This product is easy to operate, beautiful and practical, easy to carry, is the family security, education, life and other areas of the necessary practical tools, by the user’s favor.



Menu function

  1. video resolution: 1920X1080 /1080P 1440X1080 /720P 1080FHD 1280X720 /WVGA 848X480 /VGA 640X480 can be selected according to the requirements of the user’s requirements of the resolution.
  2. cycle Video: off /1 minutes /2 minutes /3 minutes /5 minutes /10 minutes. Set a few minutes, video files can be saved for a few minutes. If the setting off, the machine can not automatically cycle. When the memory is full will delete the first paragraph of a video file, to retain the latest video file.
  3. Audio: off / on. Close, shot video file without sound. Open, shot video file sync.
  4. recording date: off / on. Close, shoot video files without time watermark. Open, shot video files have time to watermark.
  5. date / time: press up and down key to select, press OK key to switch.
  6. screen protection: off /1 seconds /5 minutes /3 minutes /5 minutes. Select off, display long light. Choose the set time, in the choice of the time set, the display will be extinguished, the normal operation of the machine.
  7. button sound: off / open. Select off, no key tone. Choose to open, there is a button tone.
  8. Language: English / Chinese / Chinese / Japanese / Korean / Russian / russian
  9. night vision lights: off / on.

10. format: cancel / confirm. Select OK to delete all video files of the memory card.

11. default settings: cancel / determine. Select OK to restore factory settings

12. Version: machine version.delete: delete the current / delete all. Delete current video file. Delete all, delete all video files.



Related parameters:

Screen size 2 inch

Screen material LCD screen

Night vision mode Support

Video format AVI

battery level 8200MA

video coding M-JPEG

Play softwar Operating system comes with or mainstream video player software

Image proportion 4:3

Storage support 1G 2G 4G 8G 16G 32G TF

Resolving power 1080FHD 1920X1080 /1080P 1440X1080 /720P 1280X720 /WVGA 848X480 /VGA 640X48




1080P Power bank spy camera 1pc

USB Cable 1pc

User Manual 1pc

Retail Box 1pc

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